Monday, February 12, 2007

America's Favorite Past Time??

Baseball, it’s America’s past time. Baseball is a great sport with much history and athletes. Recently there has been much interest in eh sport, but not for good reasons. With the recent allegations of steroid use in many of today’s top athletes, a dark cloud has begun to form over this great game. These issues are now being bought up in congress and national investigations have begun. Recent issues are regarding Barry Bonds being allocated of steroid use in the off season prior to breaking the all time career home run record. In our generation, we are seeing some of the greatest athletes that the sport has ever seen and we are seeing more records being broken then in any era of the sport. Is it because of steroids? Are athletes just better today? This week I looked into what others had to say in the bloggosphere on this issue of steroids. The first blog is titled, “Hey Selig, It’s Not Just a Record.” The second blog is “Got Juice, No Baseball Hall of Fame for Mark McGwire.”
y comments to two other blogs are posted below.

This record is one hell of an achievement I agree with you that Selig has to be there when the record is broken. As far as you saying Bonds not being in the same class as Hank Aaron I feel you are wrong. I have met both of these athletes and yes, Bonds is not a very nice guy but neither is Aaron. Anyways, regardless of the steroid use or not Bonds is probably one of the greatest players in the history of the game. Regardless of the type of person that he is, he is still one hell of a player. Many people only look at his recent stats, go back and look at his whole career. The gold gloves, the MVP's etc... I feel that Selig has much to do with the steroid problem then the players. When the homeruns were being hit he said nothing and now he is all about convicting people that haven't officially been accused of steroid use. Despite all this I feel that something needs to be done to this sport. It is a great game of great players and our youth needs to have role models to look up to and they never will if this dark cloud of steroid use hangs around baseball.

I believe that steroid use is wrong in sports. I feel it is cheating but how can we say these athletes are guilty without being proven. Young baseball players are having no one to look up to in sports. I feel though that we are putting a lot of emphasis on the one bad thing these athletes may have done, and not the fact that they are really good athletes, well at least Bonds anyways (Don't believe me look at his stats). I feel that we putting so much emphasis on the bad we are pushing people away from baseball, again.

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